How to Use

How to Use is a helpful tool shows you what each product is  designed to do so you can achieve the best result with your salt water equipment.

  • Outboard Motor
    Outboard Motor details the need for outboard maintenance to be part of your outboard service. To stop salt corrosion and the corrosion of aluminium you need help in salt remaval and rust removal with product that will get the salt away from all surfaces.
  • Jetski
    Jetski: SX50 and Boat & 4x4 wash are ideal for Jetski maintenance and when used regularily you will reduce your Jetski service cost and keep your jetski in top condition
  • Boat Service
    Boat Service page privides information on using a salt corrosion product called SX50 as an outboard maintenance procedure. Outboard service is important and using the salt off range to remove the salt away from the surface which helps with salt removal and rust removal.
  • Fishing Reels
    Fishing reels need fishing reel maintenance and when using SX50 you can get the salt away from the fisihing reel and line to keep your fishing reel in corrosion free state.
  • SCUBA Equipment
    SCUBA Equipment requires regular SCUBA maintenance. Having a regular SCUBA service is important but regular SCUBA maintenance using SX50 as you salt corrosion removal system will keep your SCUBA Equipment in pristine condition.
  • Boat Trailer
    Boat Trailer need protection from salt corrosion will save a lot of expensive down the track. Using SX50 will get the salt away and keep you trailer in great shape for years to come.
  • 4x4 Accessories
    4x4 Accessories are important for the 4wd maintenace of your 4wd. 4wd maintenance using Boat & 4x4 Wash to prevent salt corrosion damage from driving your 4x4 on the beach or in salt rich areas. Boat & 4x4 Wash replaces your Car wash and can be used regularily to keep the car in pristine condition